Hi, We’re the Sisson Family

We’re the breeder behind Brewing Doodles located in Kingston, TN. It is our goal to produce adorable, affectionate Doodle puppies that are healthy, well-tempered, and make wonderful companions. Our dogs have enriched our lives in ways we never imagined, and we are so happy to be able to share the wonderful qualities of the breed with others. Owning a Double Doodle is a beautiful experience, and it would be our honor to connect you with the perfect new addition to your family!

Explain a little bit more about yourself?

Going up, my father always bred Labrador retrievers. I knew when I had children that I would want them in the breeding business as well. It teaches them so much about life, love and finances in such a practical sense. It’s been a perfect fit for our family!

How did you get into breeding?

This is really the children’s business. Sophie and Jake take care of the puppies by cleaning up after them, making sure they have all their vitamins and vaccines, changing out their bedding and help potty train them before they go to their forever home. The money earned from the puppies go into a Roth IRA account which they will have access to once they graduate high school. They will use that money keep it towards college, towards a business or a new home.

What makes your breeding program special?

It’s all about raising happy, healthy and emotionally stable children and puppies! We have a lot of fun and snuggles along the way!